Creating a Funeral Plan

April 6, 2012

A comprehensive estate plan that was well prepared will include a funeral plan. By creating a funeral plan you will spare your loved ones additional grief and ensure that your wishes are carried out. Once written down, be sure to leave a copy with the trustee or executor of your estate and your estate planning attorney. Consider including the following information in your funeral plan:

  • How the funeral is to be paid for -- life insurance proceeds, a trust set up by you, a pre-paid funeral service?
  • Who is to be in charge of the details? Be sure to name alternates in case your first choice is unable to take charge.
  • Whether you want to be buried or cremated
  • What funeral home you wish to handle the cremation or burial
  • What container you wish to be used for the burial or for your ashes
  • Details about a ceremony if you want one. Be specific. For example, do you want a viewing? Open casket? Video display? Wake? What type of flowers?
  • Who you wish to be the pallbearers if relevant
  • Where you wish to be buried or what you want done with your ashes
  • If you wish a marker, include details such as what you want written on the marker
  • Any specific information you want included in the obituary

A little advance planning can make a very difficult time for your faily much easier.

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