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Do you know what mark you want to leave on this world when you are gone? Everyone wants their time on this earth to make a difference, and it can. Shape your family’s future, improve your community, and make a lasting difference with legacy wealth planning services at Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. in Reno.

Legacy planning goes beyond simple estate planning. You should consider what you want your legacy to be as early as you can in your life, and you should work with a Reno legacy planning lawyer to make effective use of legal tools throughout your life to build the legacy that you desire.

Our legal team can provide you with the help that you need to make a plan that allows you to be remembered in the ways that matter most to you. We can help you make a plan that allows you to forever change the lives of the people you love most. Give us a call today to find out about the legacy planning process and to get answers to questions you have about legacy planning
legacy wealth planning

Why is Legacy Wealth Planning Important?

Reno legacy wealth planning is important so you can live a purposeful life, make the right decisions during your life to build a legacy, and protect what you have built.

You do not want to work hard for your whole life only to have nothing to show for your labor in the end. Your years of effort should give you the ability to provide financial security for your family and the chance to make a difference by contributing to charities that matter to you. Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. can help you to make sure that happens.

Our legal team will advise you on ways to invest strategically, to protect your wealth, and to use it for the things that matter. You don’t want default laws or simple fate to determine your legacy, and our Reno legacy planning lawyers will help ensure that you are in control of the ways that you improve the world.

What Should be a Part of Your Legacy Plan?

The tools that you use in your legacy plan must be designed to help you leave the mark on the world that you envision for yourself.

Everyone has different goals for how they want to be remembered and everyone has their own unique ideas of what will give their life meaning. Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. will work with you to identify the ways that you can create the legacy that you hoped to achieve.

Some of the different legal tools that our Reno legacy planning lawyers can help you to use include:
Strategic Investments — Through the creation of an investment plan and the use of accounts that help you grow and protect your wealth, you can ensure you have enough money available to leave a legacy that provides for your family for generations.
Trusts to protect your assets and to facilitate the transfer of wealth to loved ones — Trusts can give you more control than a will, so you can make sure that the wealth you leave is used to pay for college, for example, or buy a family home.
Charitable foundations — Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. can help you to create a charitable foundation or a charitable remainder trust if you want a part of your legacy to include supporting charities you believe in.
Legacy planning involves taking a comprehensive approach towards building wealth and protecting assets. Let our legal team help you to design a full plan at each phase of your life so you can work towards leaving a strong legacy.

How can a Reno Legacy Planning Lawyer Help You?

Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. has provided help to many people in Reno and surrounding areas to determine what legacy they want to leave and to take the right steps to achieve that dream. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, our Reno legacy planning lawyers can help you to make the right choices to make a real difference to your family and to the causes that matter most to you.

Give us a call at (775) 823-9455 or contact us online to find out more about the ways in which our legal team can help you to create a comprehensive legacy plan appropriate to your life stage and destined to help you achieve your dreams.
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