Inheritance Estate Planning Services

Inheritance estate planning services at Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. will provide you with information, insights, and access to tools for the protection of your children’s future, should something happen to make you unavailable to them.

There are three common misconceptions we hear about inheritance estate planning as it applies to young families. First, clients often say, “I can put off planning until tomorrow… I’m YOUNG!” While it may be true that you have many years ahead of you, too often the “It’ll never happen to me” occurs too soon. If young parents suffer a disability or early death, the last thing you want to leave your family is a mess. Second, some clients believe “I don’t have an estate large enough to think about planning yet.” Although you may have accumulated what is normally considered “wealth,” there are special concerns we have about guardianship of young children that need to be addressed regardless of the size of your estate. Finally, we often hear “But estate planning is expensive, and I can’t afford to pay an attorney.” We have a variety of packages and options to make sure that we customize any inheritance estate planning based upon the needs and budgets of our young clients.
inheritance estate planning

Importance of Inheritance Estate Planning

At Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. we emphasize true inheritance estate planning – what it is that you really want to leave the children. You probably have provided more than you think, already. You probably have life insurance (you should have life insurance), you may have a home with some equity and you may have started a retirement plan through your employer. These are the valuables and they must be properly planned for, but just as important are the values.
inheritance estate planning

Your Death or Disability is Not Just Your Problem

What would happen to your children if you are suddenly taken by death or suffer a disability? How would your assets (including your life insurance) be used to maximize their individuality and encourage them to achieve their highest potential? Who would be appointed by the courts to raise and care for them? Would these appointed guardians treat your kids just as if they were their own children? Would they honor the values you hold dear? Do they even know what your values are?

Inheritance Estate Planning Services

Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. has been committed to creating quality inheritance estate plans for over 20 years. We have thousands of clients who have expressed their relief at getting this work done. Peace of mind comes when you know that you have done the best you can, even when events over which we have no control change how we approach our lives and relationships.

We invite you to explore the various pages on our website and become acquainted with our approach to estate planning for families with young children, read free articles, receive free reports and see when our various Webinars and workshops are held.

Enroll today for our next Young Families Workshop, you will receive a free workbook containing information about your estate planning considerations, including a guide for choosing a guardian and the common mistakes parents make in choosing a guardian. You will also learn about ways to make sure there is no delay in getting medical attention for your children and that you are notified in the event of an emergency. You will receive information and a workbook with valuable information about the best way to see that the assets are appropriately available for the children’s education and other needs, but not handed outright to them before they are at an appropriate level of maturity.
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