Is Your Dog Provided For In Your Estate Plan?

February 17, 2012

Owning a dog is rewarding in a number of different ways, and for seniors a dog could provide a very welcome companion at a time when loneliness can be an issue. There is no replacing your family of course, but for many people, dogs are indeed man's best friend.  You may find that a canine in the household will uplift your mood and perhaps even provide you with protection.
If you are a dog owner you should consider who would be caring for your pet if you were to pass away before the animal. This is obviously a serious consideration for senior citizens who own pets, but it is also important for anyone who owns an animal just as a precaution because life is uncertain at any age.
Your first task is going to be choosing a capable caretaker. It is very possible that a particular person will immediately come to mind. You may have a friend or family member that knows the pet well and who already has somewhat of a relationship with the animal.
Once you determine who would become the pet's caretaker in the event of your death you have to consider the financial side of things. You can provide financial resources to the caretaker by giving this individual a direct inheritance earmarked for the pet's care.  A better option, however, would be to create a pet trust for the benefit of your dog. Doing so will keep your pet from becoming a burden to those left to care for it.
If you have any questions about pet planning, simply take a moment to arrange for a consultation with a good Northern Nevada estate planning lawyer.

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