The Economic Downturn Affects Burial Services

July 27, 2012

As reported by the National Association of Counties and the National Association of Medical Examiners, families everywhere are unable to afford the costs associated with burying their loved ones. Unable to afford their funeral services, some families have decided to forgo claiming their loved ones altogether. Some relatives have no choice but to leave their loved ones’ remains unclaimed at their local coroner’s offices. There is also an increase in the numbers of cremations. Traditionally, cremation services are less expensive than funeral services with open or closed caskets.
Many communities sponsor programs that offer low-income families reduced cost or free funeral services. If you’re unable to pay for a loved one’s burial services, you may want to consider asking for donations in lieu of flowers. You may also be able to qualify for some low-interest or no-interest payment plans if offered by your local funeral home.
With this in mind, this article may be your reminder to look into pre-need funeral planning to be certain your family is not left with the financial burden when the time arrives.  It is one of the easiest items to check off your to do list, but also easy to postpone.  No need to procrastinate; take care of this obvious need right away.

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