Estate Planning & The Internet

September 17, 2011

The Internet plays a large role in the lives of many people these days, and this has an impact on the field of estate planning. For one thing, the advances that we have made allow for the rapid transfer of information. You can find out how to do just about anything by simply typing a search term into your favorite search engine. In addition, there are software programs that can simplify many tasks and this too has helped to make our lives easier and more efficient.
However, legal matters such as estate planning are not something that should be done without the direct assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney. You can certainly gain a general understanding of the options that are available to you by searching the Internet, and this is something that is totally encouraged.  Having a basic understanding of the lay of the land when you speak with your estate planning attorney can only aid the conversation. But in the end it is going to take the expertise of a professional to make recommendations and ultimately execute the appropriate documents.
In addition to this, these days a lot of people conduct a significant portion of their business over the Internet. Paperless billing and paperless bank statements are very common, and a lot of people tend to manage their brokerage accounts and bank accounts online. There are also those who have eBay accounts and PayPal accounts, and of course countless people animate social networking identities. All of these things must be taken into account when you are planning your estate. You're going to have to record passwords and usernames for these accounts and provide a person or multiple people of your choosing with a list of them so they so that they can be accessed.
This is largely matter of common sense, but it is something that could be overlooked. To find out about the legalities involved, arrange for an appointment with an experienced estate planning attorney.

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