Nevada, A Great Retirement State

October 29, 2012

Comprehensive retirement planning is going to involve deciding where you would like to live after you put your working years behind you. People who live in many of the states have incentives to relocate. Some are  looking for warmer climates, and financial matters can enter the equation as well.
Certain states have better tax structures for retired individuals than others, and in fact here in Nevada we are fortunate in a number of ways. Indeed, Nevada residents who are planning for retirement have some incentives to stay right at home.
We are one of the handful of states that does not have an income tax on the state level. This is a huge advantage and it is something to keep in mind if you are considering the possibility of relocating after you retire.
Another thing to consider is the legacy that you will be leaving behind to your loved ones. Some states have an estate tax on the state level. A few have an inheritance tax, and New Jersey and Maryland have both of these taxes on the state level.
There is no type of death tax on the state level here in Nevada.
If you are concerned about taking tax efficient steps as you are preparing for retirement you would do well to consider the advantages that we are enjoying right here in the Silver State. Most people would not want to make a move that results in an increased tax burden at a time when they are going to start living on a fixed income.  Also, if you are looking for mild sunny winters, Southern Nevada is certainly a viable option.

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