Considering Your Legacy

December 28, 2011

The dictionary definition of the word "legacy" will tell you that your legacy involves gifts of property and monetary assets after your passing. This is of course a large part of it, but there could be more to shaping your legacy than simply arranging for the passing of your assets to your family members.
Depending on your resources exactly how you go about this can vary considerably. There are those who will make a donation that is specifically used to finance some type of building project. This may carry your name into perpetuity, which can be quite rewarding for many people.
Some people will leave behind the resources to provide a scholarship or scholarships to worthy students. This too can be an enriching portion of an individual's legacy.
You can also choose to pass along the wisdom that you have acquired throughout your life by committing your experiences to writing. Some people choose to write a full-blown autobiography and leave it behind for future generations to draw from. Others will author an ethical will that passes along their moral and spiritual values. Today, there are many resources to assist in writing an interesting personal history that can be found online or in bookstores.  The same is true of writing an ethical will.
Carefully selecting certain family heirlooms and/or personal possessions and handing them on to particular respective heirs for specific reasons can also be part of a carefully planned legacy.
There are many possibilities to take into account when you are preparing for the latter portion of your life and your eventual death. If you're interested in taking estate planning to a higher level, don't hesitate to get in touch with a Northern Nevada legacy planning attorney to arrange for an informative consultation.

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