Lesson Learned From Estate of "Dragon Tattoo" Author

October 1, 2012

Reno estate planning attorneys emphasize the need for advance planning even for a relatively young adult. You never know what the future holds.  Procrastinating to another time to establish your estate plan could be leaving people that you love in a difficult situation should the unexpected take place.
This is something that is demonstrated by the estate of the author Stieg Larsson, the Swedish wordsmith who is known for the novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and other works.
Larsson had ammassed millions of dollars in his estate. He died in 2004 at the age of 50 in Stockholm after walking up several flights of stairs because the elevator in the building that housed his office was broken.
The author had lived with his partner Eva Gabrielsson for many years.  They never got married due to certain nuances of Swedish law. Larsson received many death threats throughout the course of his life so he kept his location confidential. Under Swedish law people who get married must make their addresses available to the general public so the couple did not marry for security reasons.
No valid will existed at his death.  As a result the author's brother and father inherited his estate through court proceedings. His partner, who contended that he was never close to his father and brother, received nothing.
As you can see, you are not the one who will suffer the consequences if you decease without establishing a proper estate plan. Those that you love may be left behind to deal with the aftermath.

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