Think Long & Hard About Sentimental Items

August 31, 2012

There are those who are more practical than they are sentimental. Some of these individuals will be very careful about making sure that they are distributing their resources among their heirs in a fair and equitable way.
At the same time, however, they may not put appropriate care into evaluating how they pass along items that could have sentimental value to some of their family members.
The cases of siblings and others having had long standing feuds over certain items about which they both felt strongly are numerous. Jane may say that the old portrait of dad as a boy was promised to her and so does her sister Deborah.
For this reason it is a good idea to evaluate your personal possessions carefully and ask yourself who would be the ideal recipient. Some people will include something in writing that explains the choices, and this can be quite meaningful as you share memories. With the proper formalities, making such a list can be as valid as a will or a trust.  Your estate planning attorney will know the rules for making such a list. As informal as it is, it can be perfectly valid.
Sentimental items do not have to be things that are of great monetary value. It can be something as simple as a particular photograph, an old baseball glove, or a certain special book.
This is just one thing to consider when you are making preparations for the future. To devise a comprehensive estate plan the intelligent first step is to sit down and discuss your intentions with a licensed and experienced Reno NV estate planning lawyer.
Your attorney will gain an understanding of your wishes, evaluate your resources, and provide you with a personalized plan that will make your wishes become a reality when the appropriate time arrives.

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