Former Marine Fights for Her Partner -- A German Shepherd Named Rex

April 13, 2012

Unfortunately, stories of Marines returning home from combat are not uncommon. Likewise, stories of dog owners who form a bond with their pet are also not uncommon. A story, however, that combines the two has moved thousands to get involved and lend support.
Just as law enforcement officers are sometimes paired with a canine partner, military personnel can also be paired with a canine partner. Former Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey, 28, and her military service dog named Sgt. Rex completed over 100 missions together during two six-month tours in Iraq. Upon returning home in 2007, Leavey realized that she could not imagine not having Rex with her in her civilian life. Leavey wanted to adopt Rex; however, adopting a military service dog is far from an easy task to accomplish. Leavey refused to give up her mission. Eventually, her story went public and garnered the support of U.S. Senator Schumer as well as over 21,000 people who signed an online petition asking for Leavey to be given permission to adopt Rex. Her efforts finally paid off -- Leavey was given permission to adopt Rex and they will soon be reunited.
If you have a pet to whom you are equally attached, make sure you think about him or her when you create your estate plan. Just as you create a trust for a family member, you can create a pet trust for your pet, thereby ensuring that he or she will be provided for in the event you are no longer here to do so yourself.

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