Personalized Attention Is Key

February 25, 2012

There are various outlets available for bare bones estate planning documents. Some contend that estate planning is as simple as filling in the blanks. Obviously, there are many reasons why one document does not fit all situations.
Something as important as planning for your potential disablity and transferring all the assets that you have accumulated throughout your life to your loved ones is not something to entrust to documents found on the Internet from an unknown drafter.  This is a highly sensitive matter that requires professional expertise.
This is true even if you have a seemingly uncomplicated family situation.  The truth is most American families are not of the "cookie-cutter" variety.  There are often children from previous marriages involved and these blended family situations create the need for specialized estate planning.  Some people have business succession issues to deal with.  You may have beneficiaries with disabilities or special needs on your inheritance list.  There are many other factors that can enter into the equation that require very specific actions.
Since most families are unique the best way to ensure that your estate plan properly addresses your situtaiton is to discuss it with a qualified Reno estate planning lawyer.  Once he gains an understanding of your wishes and evaluates your circumstances he can recommend a course of action that is carefully crafted for your needs.

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