Probate Lawyers Understand The Process

March 21, 2011

There are many "tools" to choose from when establishing your estate plan. One traditional option is the Will. If you research information about Wills you will find Internet marketing sites that will sell you a "one-size-fits-all" template. To hear them tell it, drawing up a Will is a simple matter but there's more to it than meets the eye.
If you pass away leaving a Will as your estate plan your estate will pass through a probate procedure. The probate court will examine your Will to ensure its validity and proper execution.  During this process interested parties will have an opportunity to contest your Will. In this case the Court would schedule a hearing to review the matter. Obviously, when you're planning your estate you don't want your will to be contested; you want your wishes to be carried out to the letter.
Each state has different laws surrounding the formalities of drafting and executing a Will and the process of probate. If you were to use some sort of general template as a Will there is no telling whether or not it will wind up being ironclad once it is probated in the State Court.  Reno probate lawyers make a career out of working with the probate courts in northern Nevada, and we understand exactly how to construct documents that are specifically targeted for the local Court. Providing for your loved ones after you pass away is a serious matter that requires a an experienced estate planning attorney.

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