Probate & the Role of the Executor

January 23, 2013

People who use a last will for their estate plan should be aware of the process of probate and the role of the executor.  Probate is a court supervised process to ensure that creditors of an estate are paid and to facilitate the distribution of an estate to the decedent's designated beneficiaries or heirs.  During this legal process the court will determine the validity of the will, hear any challenges that may be presented and supervise the administration of the estate.
When you work with an estate planning lawyer to prepare your last will you must choose an executor or executrix. This individual will be charged with the various responsibilities that must be undertaken to administer your estate.  The executor, or Personal Representative, should have an ability to manage the administration of assets.  Also, the executor will require the assistance of a qualified probate attorney.
We have prepared a report that will serve as a good overview of this process.  To access the report we ask you to simply click the link that follows and fill in the form so that you will see on the page:
An Executors Role & Responsibilities

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