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Self-Service Wills Put Under Microscope

September 14, 2012

There is a lot to take into consideration from a legal perspective when preparing a Last Will.  It is not something that you would want to undertake on your own without any professional advice. While it is true that a will that you draft yourself can be valid the typical layperson could omit essential language or use language that results in unintended consequences.
Some do-it-yourself types may recognize the fact that they need guidance but are unwilling to engage professional help. If you start scouring the Internet you will find resources that will sell you worksheets and downloads that you can use to construct your own will. How effective are the products that these sites sell? This is a question that Consumer Reports had, and they put three of the most popular sites under the microscope.
Consumer Reports constructed Wills using these resources and passed them along to a trio of leading experts in the legal field. After hearing the responses that they got from the law school professors they reached a verdict: Don't utilize these DIY Wills if you want to be certain that your true wishes are carried out after you pass away.
Arranging for the transfer of your assets to those that you love the most after you pass away is a significant act, and it is one that is best taken with the assistance of professional guidance.

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