SSA Announces COLA, Hike in Medicare Premiums

December 8, 2012

Many are concerned that their Social Security will not be sufficient to support them let alone finance the type of retirement that they would like to enjoy.  Social Security payments are minimal, with the average monthly benefit being less than $1240 as of this writing.  Someone who retired this year having paid the maximum amount into the program over 35 years would receive $2513 per month.  Even this maximum benefit is relatively modest when you consider the cost-of-living.
Tthe Social Security Administration recently announced an adjustment to account for inflation in 2013. This year the Social Security COLA was 3.6%, but next year it is going to be just 1.7%.  With these modest cost-of-living adjustments the need to plan ahead to feather your own nest becomes all the more apparent.
Medicare Part B is the portion of the program that is devoted to paying for outpatient services and visits to doctors. People who are participating in the program must pay a monthly premium. This premium is deducted from the Social Security payments of seniors who are enrolled in the program.  These premiums are going up by about seven dollars per month next year, so this will cut into the cost of living adjustment.
If ydon't want to be concerned about nickels and dimes when you retire plan ahead intelligently, stick to the plan, and live out your retirement dreams.

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