Surprising Percentage of Americans Leaving Behind Virtually Nothing

September 5, 2012

If you are serious about your legacy you must plan ahead with the future in mind. Long-term financial planning is going to involve goal setting. You should do the math and figure out exactly how much wealth you must accumulate to be able to reach the fruition of your goals.
The sooner you get started along a path that leads to financial freedom the better because intelligent choices over a sustained period of time will be necessary if you are going to be able to fulfill your objectives.
This may sound like a no-brainer, but so many people find themselves completely unprepared for retirement. As a result, they suffer financial hardship and ultimately pass away without being in a position to leave anything behind to their loved ones.
A study was recently conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research and the results were not encouraging. Researchers found that some 46% of people in the United States die in possession of less than $10,000 worth of financial assets. As you might expect a lot of these individuals were almost entirely dependent on government programs during the end of their lives.
The difference between success and hardship can often times be reduced to a single word: planning. If you want to retire in comfort and leave behind a lasting legacy the key is to work within an intelligently conceived framework and exercise the discipline that it takes to actually realize your vision for the future.

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