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On the Internet there are marketers that sell generic estate planning documents like wills and trusts.
Statistics tell us that most people don't have a comprehensive estate plan in place. Some of these people finally decide to put the procrastination behind them and they start searching for solutions. They come upon one of the sites, and they see an easy answer because the marketing materials can be convincing.
It is important to recognize the things that you can do on your own with a little bit of guidance and the things that are better left to licensed professionals. Consumer Reports, the highly respected magazine that has been informing people about the quality of various products and services for many years, advised against DIY wills last year.
Legal professors who examined documents constructed with online worksheets and downloads saw a number of different problems with them.
We endeavor to provide legal information that is truly accurate, covering every aspect of estate planning. To this end we have joined with the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys and compiled a series of special reports that are available for download on our website.
These reports examine wills, trusts, powers of attorney, legacy planning, asset protection, special needs planning, estate administration, and a number of other topics.
You can download these reports absolutely free of charge. To reach the page that contains a list of the reports and a brief description of each of them simply click this link: Free Nevada Estate Planning Reports.
If you have further questions after reviewing the information contained in the reports simply contact our firm to request a free consultation.

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