Working on Your Own Terms During Retirement

October 5, 2012

Some need the money and postpone retirement or get a part-time job; others simply have the urge to keep  busy in some constructive way during retirement and choose to do some type of work.
These days financial planning experts often write about the value of working longer. This can be necessary if you simply need more time to accumulate the resources that you need to retire. Others who don't absolutely have to work choose to do so because they want to have plenty of discretionary income so they will never be pinching pennies. Some simply feel the need to remain productive.
When you think about working during what would otherwise be retirement you can expand your vision; you are not limited to what you have been doing throughout your career. There are many different ways that you can make money from the comfort of your own home from freelance opportunities within your areas of expertise to maintaining an online store.
You could also consider going into business for yourself outside the home in a store or office. Many people incorporate their passions into a business later in their lives, such as a flower shop or a restaurant.
It is certainly nice to have a source of significant income going into your retirement years to make your Social Security benefit more of a supplement and less of a staple. You are in fact allowed to earn any amount of money while receiving Social Security without being penalized once you reach the age of full eligibility.
If you look ahead and take the appropriate steps you can potentially step right into your own business and work a bit on your own terms during your retirement.

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