Rebecca has been with ADR since January 2008. She has enjoyed working in a number of different departments and positions, allowing the firm to utilize her as needed, and gaining a wealth of experience along the way. She is currently Attorney Jerry Dorn’s legal assistant.


She attended college at Central Oregon Community College, and later the University of Oregon remote campus in Bend, Oregon. While in college she studied Social Sciences with an emphasis in Museum Studies, which has (not surprisingly) proved to be not-at-all helpful with estate planning.


Rebecca is originally from Edmonton, Canada. She moved south to Bend in 1996, and in a continued effort to remove herself from long winters, made her way even further south to Reno in 2005 (perhaps one day she will have eliminated winter from her life entirely). Rebecca lives with her husband and their rescue Shih Tzu, Rico Suave, in a 450 square foot tiny home; where she has mastered the art of Tetris-like organization. In fact, she comes from a long line of published writers, and, naturally, has written several small space living articles for a number of tiny home blogs and was featured on
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