Considering a Dynasty Trust

April 12, 2024

Considering a Dynasty Trust? What You Need to Know

A Closer Look at Dynasty Trusts

In 2017, a significant event brought dynasty trusts into the limelight when NBA team owner Gail Miller transferred ownership of her team, the Utah Jazz, and other assets into a dynasty trust. This move showcased a powerful estate planning tool often associated with preserving vast family wealth across generations.

Dynasty trust planning with family on the way What is a Dynasty Trust?

A dynasty trust, sometimes known as a legacy trust, is a type of irrevocable trust crafted to benefit multiple generations. The trust holds assets indefinitely under state laws that permit such arrangements. While the Rule Against Perpetuities—a law limiting a trust's lifespan—applies in some states, others have abolished this rule, allowing a dynasty trust potentially to last forever.

Benefits and Limitations

Dynasty trusts are prized for their ability to keep wealth within a family while avoiding substantial estate taxes and the generation-skipping transfer tax. By maintaining assets within the trust rather than distributing them directly to beneficiaries, these trusts can significantly enhance wealth longevity and growth across generations.

However, the strength of a dynasty trust—its permanence—also introduces complexities. Since it’s irrevocable, making changes to the trust once established is highly challenging. It necessitates foresight about future changes in family circumstances or asset values, requiring meticulous planning from the outset.

Is a Dynasty Trust Suitable for Your Family?

Dynasty trusts are most beneficial for families with significant assets that would otherwise face large estate taxes over generations. They protect against taxes, divorces, creditors, and potentially poor financial decisions by future generations. However, they also limit the flexibility of beneficiaries to control their inheritance directly.

If you're considering whether a dynasty trust fits your estate planning needs, understanding both the advantages and limitations is crucial. These trusts are not suitable for everyone, but under the right circumstances, they can be an invaluable tool for preserving family wealth.

Considering Your Options

To determine if a dynasty trust is the right choice for your family's estate planning needs, consulting with knowledgeable estate planning attorneys in Reno can provide clarity and direction. Contact us today to explore this and other strategies for securing your family's future.

Contact our Reno estate planning office to discuss how a dynasty trust might benefit your legacy planning.

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